Is there a deposit required for BUZZISHADE orders?

Yes, a 50% shade deposit is required for all BUZZISHADE orders at time of PO receipt. Once the deposit has be received by Tegan Lighting, the order will be released to production.

Will the material of the acoustic BUZZISHADE fade overtime?

No. The BUZZISHADE is made out of plastic bottles that are broken down into “chips” then color is added. This results is a “through color” material that will not fade.

Are the Acoustic Shades structurally attached to Tegan’s Kore Pendants?

No. The Acoustic BUZZISHADE is suspended independently of the Kore Pendant or MKA Pendant. The contractor will have to make one modification to the top assembly of the BUZZISHADE. Refer to Tegan Lighting Installation Sheets # TG-INS-50/60 & TG-INS-22/65 rev3 for details.

When I add an extra layer of BUZZITERRA or BUZZIFABRIC to the inside or outside of the BUZZISHADE, will the shade's Acoustics change?

There will be a slight improvement, but not enough to change the overall acoustic rating.

What is the relationship between Tegan Lighting and BUZZISPACE?

Tegan Lighting and BUZZISPACE have partnered to offer an ETL (Tested to USA UL/ANSI standards #8750 and #1598 and Canadian standards CSA C22.2, # 250.0-08 & #250.13-12) listed Pendant featuring Tegan’s exclusive “Kore” LED with the Medium and Large BUZZISHADES.

Are the Acoustic Shades “Green”?

YES!!! BUZZIFELT is made out of 100% Recycled P.E.T. (recycled plastic bottles). BUZZITERRA is 100% pure Wool and BUZZIFABRIC is 70% Recycled Wool, 25% Polyacryl, 5% other recycled fabrics.

Can I order just the Kore Pedant for the BUZZISHADE from Tegan?

In some cases, yes. Contact Tegan for details.

When I order Acoustic Shades from Tegan Lighting, how does the fixture ship?

The Kore Pendant or Multi-Pendant will ship from Tegan with Installation Instructions. The BUZZISHADE will ship from BUZZISPACE’s warehouse in North Carolina.

What is the standard lead-time of the Acoustic Pendants?

Acoustic Shades with Black & White Frames with BUZZIFELT have an estimated delivery time of 4-6 weeks and ship from North Carolina. All other BUZZISHADE finish combinations (Fluorescent Orange & AL Frames, Extra layer of Fabric, etc.) ship from Belgium and have an estimated delivery time of 10-12 weeks.  Tegan Lighting can send the Kore Ambient Pendant earlier if required. Contact the factory for details. Specific lead-time(s) will be confirmed upon order receipt.

Which Kore LED Pendant can be used with the Acoustic Shades?

The Medium Shade can be used with the standard Kore Ambient Pendant or the 2-Multi-Kore Pendant. The Large Shade can be used with the 2 or 3 Multi-Kore Pendant.

Can the Acoustic Shades be ordered in custom sizes?

They are not available in smaller sizes than 29” bottom dia. (Medium). They may be available in a larger size than 44” bottom dia. (Large) for quantities that exceed 50. Contact Tegan Lighting for availability.

Is the Floating lens required? Why is the lens diameter smaller than the shade diameter?

The Floating lens is an option for light source shielding. It is not required. It is smaller than the diameter of the shade to allow the shade acoustics to function properly.

What is the acoustic rating of the fabric?

.2 NRC. Note the acoustic characteristics of the shade are most effective when closely localized to the source.

Does the material have a flammability rating?

Yes, please refer to Tegan Lighting Specification Sheet #TG-66 for details.

Can graphics or images be printed on BUZZISHADES? What is the lead-time?

Yes, images can be printed on BUZZIFELT (only). Send a PDF image to Tegan Lighting for a quote. 6-7 Weeks. 50% Deposit is required.

Are Acoustic Shade Pedants returnable?

No; they are made-to-order (MTO).