Think in steps! First calculate the number of 8ft. sections needed to get to your run’s length. Based on the number of CT8-AL, how many couplers will you need (CC-straight or CAC- adjustable/angle)? End caps are mandatory for proper electrical function and come as a pair (so one set per run).

Then, you need to “mount” your track – we recommend every 48”. We have different anchoring options: CCA- Centro Ceiling Anchors are for a close to surface mounting option. CCAS-Centro Ceiling Anchor Stem or CCAC- Centro Ceiling Anchor Cable come as a standard 5’, field-cuttable option and suspends the track from the surface. CPWA- Centro Power Wall Anchor anchors to the wall and serves as a power feed at the same time. Be sure to include a Spot connector; one per Spot.

Select a power feed (often based on the anchoring system chosen: suspended track will required the CPC-Centro Power Canopy for length, systems using the CCA-Centro Ceiling Anchor fit well with the CSFC-Centro Single Feed Canopy). Keep in mind that the Power Feed will need a remote Power Supply.

Be sure to think about how the system(s) need to be controlled and the appropriate number of power supplies; i.e. is each run controlled together, separately or in groups?

Finally, when selecting your spot/luminaire, remember to include a CTC- Centro Trac Connector to mount and feed your spot onto the track.