Can power supplies be supplied “by others” for Tegan Trac Systems?

Power supplies can be provided “by others” however, unless they are the exact specification of Tegan Lighting

standard power supplies listed on the specification sheet(s), use of alternative power supply(s) that have not been formally ETL tested to UL standards with our complete system voids the listing and product warranty. This is a testing requirement as per UL testing standards. If the project requires a power supply other that what we have listed, please contact us for options. 

What Power Supply do you recommend?

The type of Power Supply required relates to the Tegan Spot specified and the total system wattage. When using Soraa lamps, in-rush current must also be taken into consideration when determining total system wattage. Refer to Soraa’s web site or refer to Tegan Specification Sheet MR-16 LED #TG70 for details.

Note that Retrac System can operate with 24VDC drivers for the dedicated LED Spots (Pico 1, Pico 3, etc.) or 12VAC step down transformers for MR-16 Spots. Note that 12VAC transformers are available in magnetic or electronic; keep in mind that electric transformers, as a rule, cannot be mounted more than 10’ away from the Retrac System. If longer remote distances are required, the use of magnetic is recommended. Refer to Specification Sheet Power Supplies – Trac #TG13 for details.

Can the Retrac system be suspended?

You can suspend the “Retrac Surface Channel” and the components on a standard Unistrut. Unistrut and hardware provided by others or contact Tegan Lighting for factory options.

Can Retrac be used outside or in damp location applications?

Retrac is listed for interior applications only.

Is Retrac two-circuit?

Not at this time.

Can the factory cut the Retrac extrusions “to length” if desired?

Yes, the factory can cut the extrusions to length if this is easier for the installing contractor. Just add the lengths desired to the project specification.

Do I need a Retrac End Cap?

If you are using the “Retrac Recessed Channel”, end caps are not needed since the channels will be mudded in and the ends not visible. For “Retrac Surface Channel” applications, one end of the track must have an end cap while the other will have the power feed.

Do I need a Retrac cover?

The Retrac cover is specified separately and is not mandatory. It is purely aesthetic and covers the track so that the “insides” are not visible. It is field paintable so a recessed application can “disappear” completely once painted. The standard aluminum finish complements well on a surface mount application.

How do I insert the Retrac connector to make proper connection?

An easy way to insert the Retrac connector is to ensure the brass tabs are within the connector (not expanded) and to lift the ring to allow the “square” piece to rotate freely. Firmly push the connector down to the bottom of the inner trac, rotate the square piece to fall in place (it is actually narrower on one side to fit in the channel properly) and twist the ring, which will in turn lock the connector in place and expand the brass pads.

Are all of Tegan’s Spots compatible with the Retrac system?

All of the Spotlights (LED, Halogen/MR16) can be mounted on the Retrac System with the appropriated Retrac Connector (RTCN) with the exception of the “Axis” (Duplex Cable only) and “Luz” (Centro Trac only).

Does the Retrac system come in finishes other than aluminum?

The factory can paint parts of the Retrac series. Please submit a request to your agent who will contact the factory about availability, lead time and cost.

Is the Retrac system “remote power supply” only?

Yes the design of Retrac is minimalist. Power supplies are remote mount. Refer to Specification Sheet Power Supplies – Trac #TG13 for details.