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Does the Centro system come in finishes other than aluminum?

Due to the conductivity properties of the Centro Trac and its components, it cannot be painted. Contact factory for Hand Rubbed Bronze finish.

Is the Centro system 'remote power' only?

A Surface Decorative Power Supply option (300W transformer or 70W driver) is available for applications where a remote power supply is not an option.

What Power Supply do you recommend?

The type of Power Supply required relates to the Tegan Spot specified and the total system wattage. When using Soraa lamps, in-rush current must also be taken into consideration when determining total system wattage. Refer to Soraa’s web site or refer to Tegan Specification Sheet MR-16 LED #TG70 for details. Note that Centro System can operate with 24VDC drivers for the dedicated LED Spots (Pico 1, Pico 3, etc.) or 12VAC step down transformers for MR-16 Spots. Note that 12VAC transformers are available in magnetic or electronic; keep in mind that electric transformers, as a rule, cannot be mounted more than 12’ away from the Centro System. If longer remote distances are required, the use of magnetic is recommended. Refer to Specification Sheet Power Supplies – Trac #TG13 for details.

Can power supplies be supplied 'by others' for Tegan Trac Systems?

Power supplies can be provided “by others” however, unless they are the exact specification of Tegan Lighting standard power supplies listed on the specification sheet(s), use of alternative power supply(s) that have not been formally ETL tested to UL standards with our complete system voids the listing and product warranty. This is a testing requirement as per UL testing standards. If the project requires a power supply other that what we have listed, please contact us for options

I find it hard to specify and think I am missing parts

Think in steps! First calculate the number of 8ft. sections needed to get to your run’s length. Based on the number of CT8-AL, how many couplers will you need (CC-straight or CAC- adjustable/angle)? End caps are mandatory for proper electrical function and come as a pair (so one set per run).

Then, you need to “mount” your track – we recommend every 48”. We have different anchoring options: CCA- Centro Ceiling Anchors are for a close to surface mounting option. CCAS-Centro Ceiling Anchor Stem or CCAC- Centro Ceiling Anchor Cable come as a standard 5’, field-cuttable option and suspends the track from the surface. CPWA- Centro Power Wall Anchor anchors to the wall and serves as a power feed at the same time. Be sure to include a Spot connector; one per Spot.

Select a power feed (often based on the anchoring system chosen: suspended track will required the CPC-Centro Power Canopy for length, systems using the CCA-Centro Ceiling Anchor fit well with the CSFC-Centro Single Feed Canopy). Keep in mind that the Power Feed will need a remote Power Supply.

Be sure to think about how the system(s) need to be controlled and the appropriate number of power supplies; i.e. is each run controlled together, separately or in groups?

Finally, when selecting your spot/luminaire, remember to include a CTC- Centro Trac Connector to mount and feed your spot onto the track.

Can Centro Trac components be used on existing Translite installations?

It is our understanding that many Tegan components can be installed on Translite systems, however, Tegan Lighting is not responsible for compatibility or operation of any such installation. Note as per UL testing standards, any Tegan components installed on any system(s) other than Tegan Lighting components will void the listing and warranty.

Is Centro two-circuit?

The Centro rail is one circuit but you can specify the Centro Dual Mount Bracket for suspending two parallel runs of Centro Trac. Allows for two-circuit installation of multiple Spotlights with a field-cuttable cable. Separate Power Feeds are required per run.

Can Tegan supply Centro mounting parts with longer lengths for high ceilings?

Yes, please contact the factory for details.

Can the factory cut the Centro Trac and related 'field cuttable' components 'to length' if desired?

Yes, the factory can cut the extrusions and related components to length for a fee, if this is easier for the installing contractor. Just add the lengths desired for each component to the project specification.

Can Centro Trac be used outside or in damp location applications?

Centro Trac is listed for interior applications only.

Can Centro Trac be custom curved?

The Centro Trac is bendable at the factory. To submit a request for a curved Centro system, please provide CAD drawings and we will create a Simple/Complex Engineered System Drawing with a complete BOM (Bill of Material). A CAD drawing is required so Engineering can determine the accurate scale for the layout. Centro Trac is not field-bendable.

Are all of Tegan’s Spots compatible with the Centro system?

All of the Luminaires and Spotlights (LED, Halogen/MR16) can be mounted on the Centro System with one of the appropriate Centro Connectors with the exception of the “Axis” (Duplex Cable only).


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