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Is the stem or the clear SJ cord, field cuttable?

Yes, refer to installation instructions on our web site for details.

Can I remote power my Kore Ambient/Kore Linear Pendant?

We can remote power your Kore Pendant by placing the driver in a Large Power Supply Enclosure that can be located maximum 25 ft. from the pendant. A licensed electrician would have to wire to the fixture to the power supply following code procedures. Contact the factory for details.

Where is the power supply located?

We provide the option to recess your driver in an enclosure (RDE) or to surface mount it (SMDE). If needed, we can assist with remote powering your pendants as well (see below and contact factory). Each pendant must be powered by its own driver.

Are the pendants dimmable?

Yes, please make sure you select the appropriate dimmable driver. We offer 0-10V dimming as well as Lutron.

Do I need to specify if 120/277V?

Our Kore Pendants drivers are multi voltage and will accommodate 120V or 277V. The Kore Linear products (pendant or wall/surface) comes standard at 120V but we offer adders for 277V so specification is required for proper installation/function. Please contact the factory for Lutron drivers or other preferences/request.

How easily can we replace the LED chip? Can I request another color temperature?

The Kore Ambient LED chip can be ordered with a alternative Kelvin temperature or CRI. Please contact the factory for a quote. We offer a 3 years warranty on all of our products and can offer a five year system warranty as needed. The LED chip can be replaced in the field but only by a trained professional with work instruction provided by the factory. Contact the factory for details.

Why choose DHO over DSO?

A high output driver increases the lumen package on your fixture. We recommend using a high output (DHO) whenever a pendant is specified with a shade to ensure proper illumination.

Which 'Gem' should I choose for my Kore Ambient Quadrant?

The decision is up to you! Our Sphere Gem, which is frosted, provides better light distribution at higher angles which is key when used inside a shade. The Tapered Cylinder Gem with clear acrylic and frosted interior, provide more downward component with soft side illumination.

Why can't I use a clear SJ cord with a metal or fabric shade?

The SJ cord (clear) is a standard part on the Kore Ambient Pendants and may be used in combination with the Zia or Labyrinth shade. For Noor Drums, Square, Moz Slot, Moz Weave or large/heavier shades, please use the Single Stem (adder). As per UL code, an SJ cord can only be used with shades < 12lbs

Can the Kore Ambient heat sink be painted?

Though we cannot powder coat the heat sink, we can offer special order anodized finishes. Please contact the factory details.

I have ordered a Sphere/Tapered Gem on my Zia fixture and I have received something different.

When we ship out the Zia, we swap the Gem on order (if not specified correctly) for a “Mini-Gem”. It is a shorter, more diffuse Gem that provides better light distribution at higher angles to properly illuminate the Zia.

Do I need to specify a pendant when I select a shade?

Yes. Tegan’s Kore Products are modular. It allows you to select the appropriate design for your application. For example, a drum shade (Noor, Moz) or Labyrinth shade would be specified with a Kore Ambient pendant (Orb/Quad). A rectilinear shade or wall sconce would be specified with our Kore Linear products



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